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Hey everyone, Id like to introduce myself. My name is Lindsay and Im 22, a graduate from SUNY Fredonia. I will be going on to grad school in Fall 2005 and in the meantime I want to do some research. I will be going on to school for social work to study eating disorders. I am in the very early stages of putting together a lengthy survey that I plan to turn into a book (before I return to school).
This is where all of you come in. I would like to know if any of you would be interested in taking a survey such as this. It would be completely confidential (you would give only me personal info. for my record-keeping). This is going to be looked over by a lawyer before I send it out, so it will be very legit. The questions range from demographics (name, age, sex etc.)- personal data such as names would not be disclosed, to questions about your personal struggle, media influence, mental health background etc. I believe I am qualified to do research like this because I have struggled with an eating disorder for years, I feel like I have a non-judgemental outlook and the ability to ask questions that maybe haven't been asked before.
This is a rather non-personal email (sorry) that I intend to send to as many of these eating disorder based livejournal groups as possible. That is because I need help from all of YOU. If you are interested- email me
Please keep in mind that I am in the beginning stages and although I want to move the processes along quickly, it may take time before I am able to send the finalized survey out. If you email me, I will try my best to respond in a timely fashion and answer any questions you may have.
Thank you so much, Lindsay

joined...i think?

So..i believe i joined in's listed in my communities! soo i hope..

# name (real or pseudo): Megan

# age: 16

# information about your ED: type, duration, severity, etc.
im not sickl thin if thats what people are asking..but boy would i wish to be... I have been ana for along time me it days can go really slow sometimes..because when i fast i tend to focus on by day...i dont know...type..i suppose im ana and mia... mia tendencies occasionally...

# your typical diet (are you vegetarian/vegan?):
my typical diet is...lean meats and greens...i try to stay away from all sugars...suger substitutes if i have to.
# stats (if you wish):
well... HW 165 CW 131 LW 125 next goal weight...120... ideal...115

# pictures of you or your favorite/least favorite body parts
i will definitely add pics...but im not sure how to yet! if i could have some help on that ..that would be fantastic

p.s.... i am not a little girl who extreme diets for her next date =) i promise you that. this is an everyday struggle for me...
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if you would like to join this community, please >click here<, then make a friends only post that includes these pieces of information:

  • name (real or pseudo)

  • age

  • information about your ED: type, duration, severity, etc.

  • your typical diet (are you vegetarian/vegan?)
  • stats (if you wish)

  • pictures of you or your favorite/least favorite body parts

this isn't an application, it is simply an attempt to discourage the casually eating disordered community from joining this community. that's all.